Universities in the USA

ALSERAG International has its regional office and long term business success partners in USA, which is located in the state of Connecticut, USA. We have noticed that miss-communications and language barriers, could be obstacles for international students to get admitted into American & Canadian Universities. For that reason, we have decided to bridge this gap and to act as facilitator for the admission process for academic available certificates and programmes !

The most Pioneer creative new innovative trend Programs in USA right now is Post Graduate Diploma which its studying credits hours can be transferred easily later into your future master degree to shorten your master studying duration and to be as value added into your qualification to upgrade your position in you company and organization

Most American universities are glad to welcome postgraduate applicants from all countries all over the world especially for those students who come from Gulf countries, Saudi Arabia, GCC, Singapore, Vietnam and China Degree gained on a program at an accredited university, or the international … learned in a first degree, moreover, it gives them the chance to identify areas … If they are coming to the USA from abroad, as well as having the correct student.

The Post Graduate Mini Diploma Course and program is the Ideal for those who wish to prepare for the rigors of the MBA or to introduce busy professionals with an understanding of statistical methods that are necessary to propel their career in data analytics in general as following




  • Business Analytics
  • Coding Boot Camp
  • Core Business Skills
  • Corporate Finance
  • Cybersecurity
  • Database Design
  • Digital Marketing
  • Gaming Design & Development
  • Human Resource  Management
  • Intelligent Computing
  • Interactive Media
  • Leadership
  • .Net Technology

University of Bridgeport - USA

The University of Bridgeport is a non-profit university, home to a diverse student and faculty body from over 45 states and 80 countries who are united by a shared commitment to career readiness, innovation, and a supportive, challenging learning environment.

Sacred Heart University - USA

In the 36-credit MBA program at Sacred Heart University, we take a unique approach that combines managerial skills with technical skills, so you graduate with a deep understanding of how various functions in a business work together, and the knowledge you need to successfully manage people and teams.

Why earn your MBA at Sacred Heart?

The most successful companies and the most successful leaders are the ones that know how to manage the most valuable asset that a company has: its people, their skills, and their creativity. This requires managers and leaders to not only have knowledge of functional skills but more importantly, how to manage interdisciplinary teams and how to create a corporate culture of innovation. The MBA is still the most widely recognized graduate degree for managerial positions and above. While many specialized Masters degrees can help you with your first job, an MBA is key for a career as a leader.

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Duquesne University

Duquesne University offers 85 undergraduate majors across nine schools and highly respected professional programs with numerous accolades and rankings, including the No. 1 One-Year MBA — which is why we’re ready with an education that’s everything you need, and more than you imagined.
it  is very famous and well known with its  Occupational Therapy.

Occupational therapists are experts in doing. We prescribe therapeutic occupations, including everyday life activities to support a person’s performance and function in the multiple life roles they engage in at home, school, work, and community environments. Occupational therapists are trained to address physical, cognitive, psychosocial, sensory-perceptual, and other aspects of performance. Occupational therapy interventions can be designed to develop skills, prevent illness and promote health and wellness. Interventions can also rehabilitate when an illness, injury or disease results in impairment, disability, activity limitation, or a restriction in a person’s ability to participate in their daily occupations. Occupational therapists work with people of all ages and ability levels in many settings. Occupational therapy services may be provided in individual or group sessions, or on a broader scale at the system or population level.

Our program is designed to:-

* Give you a choice. 
* Enhance your skills. 
* Learn in Practice from the Experts. 

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The Hellenic American University- Greece

The Hellenic American University was founded in 2004 in Manchester, New Hampshire, United States as a private degree-granting institution of higher education by an act of the New Hampshire State Legislature. The university has instructional locations in Nashua, New Hampshire and Athens, Greece.
The Graduate Programs cultivate a learning environment that integrates teaching, research and service. Within this environment students acquire the advanced knowledge and skills of their discipline and become agile in the use of tools and technology that practitioners use in their profession. At the same time, they acquire an appreciation of the ethical, legal and cross-cultural dimensions of their professions.

Research and experiential learning are important components of all the Master’s degree programs. Students are encouraged to pursue their own research interests, while opportunities are also available to participate in student-faculty research projects. All the graduate programs culminate in a thesis or (for the MBA) consultancy project.

Course of Study
Students can pursue graduate studies as either full- or part-time students. Full-time students can complete their graduate studies at the master’s level in about two years, depending on their concentration (some concentrations, such as those in translation and conference interpretation, can be completed in one year of full time-study). At the doctoral level, students will ordinarily need three years of full-time study, excluding the dissertation.

The required and elective curriculum specific to each Graduate Program is described in the relevant sections below. In general, however, the Ph.D. in Language and Communication requires the successful completion of a 58 credit program of advanced study and research. At the Master’s level, required credit hours ranges from 36 to 53, depending upon the discipline.

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